Product Guide – Upgrade my account

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Plans #

When you Run a strategy, you will be prompted that Buy orders for free accounts are limited to $1,000 per order. To purchase larger amounts, you can upgrade to a Premium member.

To upgrade to become a premium member, you can click on the Upgrade your plan button in the pop up.

You can track your subscriptions and view your plan history by clicking on your username in the top right of the screen and click Plans history. You can also upgrade your plan here with the Get Plan button.

Free AccountBasic Account
/ month
Premium Account
/ month
Access to strategy builder technology
Basic backtesting capabilities
API connection to a single account with third-party exchange
Execution of a single strategy up to $1,000 per order
Access to the Strategy Template Store for purchasing pre-built strategies
Unrestricted backtesting & prioritisation
Connection to multiple accounts simultaneously with third-party exchanges
Execution of multiple strategies up to $5,000 per order
Execution of a multiple strategies with an unrestricted value

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Updated on April 8, 2024